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Doom3 .md5mesh converter
Initial support for converting Doom3 models in .md5mesh format to .nsce scene files have been added to the nscemake tool. Screenshots available.

Competition results
The NeoEngine competition is over, and the NeoEngine project is proud to present the following winners:
  • First Prize: Cody Russel, for porting NeoEngine to the MacOS X platform
  • Second Prize: Bob Balfe, for TrueSpace exporter and various additions to the core engine
  • Third Prize: Matthew Casperson, for the XML scripting extension
Winners will be notified by email shortly

Maya Exporter
Framework for a Maya nsce file exporter has been added to the CVS. Functionality will be added over the coming week, and a binary release will be made once a basic set of functionality has been implemented.

Networking subsystem
Implmented the base for the networking subsystem, a TCP/IP socket wrapper. Code added to CVS, for those interested.

0.3.0 released!
Finally, 0.3.0 has been released. Neodemo has been deprecated, and replaced by a series of tutorials, which will be extended as the project moves along. Read the changelog, grab the source, have fun :)

Competition and linuxfund.org grant
NeoEngine was awarded a $1000 grant from linuxfund.org and we have decided to use the money for a competition.

The rules are simple, the person or project contributing most value to the NeoEngine project will win. This includes any effort ranging from a developing a game using the engine, documentation / examples / demos / PR, to exentsion or implementation of new features in the engine. To enter the competition, send an email to mattias@realityrift.com decribing the effort you or your project has made or will make to help NeoEngine.

For more information on rules and prizes, check out the competition page

0.2.2 released
Version 0.2.2 of NeoEngine, demo and tools has been released! Grab the source tarballs or binary packages from the projects page on SourceForge!

Improved Q3 map and model support, sprite objects, skeletal animation subsystem, collision detection framework, improved rigidbody physics subsystem and bezier patches, as well as lots of bugfixes, optimizations and compatibility fixes.

IRC Channel
We now try to frequently visit the #neoengine channel on irc.openprojects.net so if you want instant feedback, you might be lucky there!

NeoEngine is accepted at linuxfund.org! Drop by and donate some penguin pesos at the project page

0.2.1 released
Version 0.2.1 of NeoEngine and NeoDemo has been released! Grab the source tarballs or binary packages from the project page on SourceForge!

SourceForge Top20
NeoEngine is on the Top 20 most active projects list on SourceForge! If you have any questions or suggestions about the project, please use the forums on the projects page

New website
We decided to finally remake the old and boring website. Since none of us are really designers but programmers the code for this page has been borrowed from a few sites. Mostly from ProFTPD.

NeoEngine 0.2.0 Released
NeoEngine, NeoDemo and NeoTools 0.2.0 has been released.
New features include:
  • Improved Q3 map support
  • Improved Q3 model support
  • Texture framework added
    • JPEG
    • TGA
  • Package framework added
    • BZip2
  • Audio mixer added
  • Audio converter added
  • Audio player added
  • Audio sample framework added
    • NULL
    • WAV
    • OGG Vorbis