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License change
To allow people developing closed source games to link statically to the engine, we have decided to change the license under which the engine is release to the Mozilla Public License

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
As a christmas present, we give you the long-delayed 0.6.3 release!

Webpages for tutorial 3 & 4
The webpages for tutorial 3 and tutorial 4 has been put online.

Updated tutorial pages
The webpages for tutorial 1 and tutorial 2 have been updated to reflect the latest version of the tutorials. Webpages for the rest of the tutorials are under construction.

Updated API docs
API docs have now been updated to the latest release, and links to downloading tarballs of the documentation pages have been added.

Platform build maintainers
In the effort of reaching a stable and complete API with bugfree implementation, we are looking for people to take on the role of platform build maintainers. The person will be responsible for building and testing the engine and other packages before a release, and reporting bugs in the engine and build environments during the development time between releases. The platforms/environments we need help with are:
  • Win32/MCVC++ .NET
  • Win32/MSVC++ 6
  • Win32/Dev-C++
  • Win32/Eclipse
  • Linux/console
  • Linux/Eclipse
  • FreeBSD/console
  • MacOSX/ProjectBuilder
  • MacOSX/console
The person does not have to write any code (unless he/she wants to :)), just report bugs and build problems back to the developers. Interested? Drop an email to me

0.6.2 released!
Version 0.6.2 has been released! Grab the source and give feedback and ideas in the Forums!

Engine logotype
We have new logotype proposals! Cast your vote in the forum thread at http://neoengine.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=495

Static libraries
There is now complete support for building the engine and extensions as static libraries in CVS, and as a test I've built and uploaded binary release builds of all the tutorials for Win32 here.

NOTE! You still need the Cg DLLs and the Microsoft C/C++ runtimes for VC++ .NET (for some reason these ships as part of the .NET framework, even though the basic C/C++ runtimes have nothing to do with .NET). If you don't have the runtimes, you can get them here

CVS restructure
We are currently flattening the directory layout of the CVS and also moving the extensions into the main neoengine module for easier building and maintenance. Expect the CVS to be semi-unstable over the next few days.

OSX maintainer
NeoEngine has got a new OSX maintainer in coadguy! Rejoice! :) This means we will hopefully have full OSX support back in for the next release.

Anonymous CVS mirror
Gizmo has kindly provided a mirror for anonymous CVS since the SourceForge anonymous CVS is completely unusable with the current delay of several days from the real developer CVS. For information about how to access this mirror, use the link in the Downloads section to the left, or read this Forum thread

OpenFrag project
Added a link to the promising OpenFrag project.

Scene viewer/editor
KnisterPeter is wokring on a new interesting project, a scene viewer and possibly future editor. Check out the Forum thread

0.6.1 released!
Finally, 0.6.1 has been released! Some major API changes has been made in preparation of the API "freeze" in the next release, so make sure you take a look at the tutorials and API docs.

CVS state again
CVS code will undergo a few more major and minor redesigns again before the upcoming release, among those a move to a NeoEngine namespace and drop of Ne prefix on classes.

CVS state
The CVS version will be unstable for a few days while I am redesigning the core of the engine to move away from global object pointers for basic services.

Release dates
The release dates on the roadmap have been delayed due to real-life issues taking a lot of my spare time at the moment. Meanwhile, the CVS snapshots should satisfy you bleeding-edge guys :)

Physics and collisions
There is now a physics and collisions tutorial in CVS, showcasing basic rigid-body physics and box collision detection/response.

CVS snapshots
I've put up a weekly snapshot cron job that will pull and package the latest CVS source every Monday night (to get all weekend commits considering the 24+ hour delay on anonymous access on SourceForge CVS). You can see the links to the packages and the generated date under Downloads in the menu to the right. Happy coding!

Update: I need to learn the difference between left and right...

Exporter binaries
As requested in the Forums, here are precompiled exporter packages:

3DSMax 5
3DSMax 4.x
Maya 4.x/5.x

And some support DLLs (if the target machine has not got the latest VC++ runtime get that as well, the exporters and engine binaries were built using VC++ .NET):

NeoEngine & NeoChunkIO
MSVC++ runtime

Exporter mania - Maya, Blender & 3DSMax
The Maya exporter has finally been updated to the latest version of the engine, including some bugfixes and support for skeletal animations.

A first version of a Blender exporter script and python bindings for the engine and chunkio library has been added to CVS by Jordi Rovira i Bonet

The 3DSMax exporter now correctly handles static meshes and skeletal animations.

3DSMax 5 exporter
I have now committed a first version of a 3DSMax exporter plugin to CVS. It correctly exports skeletal meshes at the moment, and will soon also handle non-skinned meshes and animations. Stay tuned!

Sample application
A sample application with correctly setup project files and autotools scripts, as well as wrappers around Win32-specific entry points for non-console applications has been added to CVS under the neoframeworks module. This provides a good starting point for setting up a new project using NeoEngine.

0.6.0 released!
Version 0.6.0 has been released! News include initial support for vertex and fragment programs, new stencil shadow renderer, improved backends with new render target design and render-to-texture functionality, and much more. It means buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, 'cause Kansas, is goin' bye-bye.

NeoEngine DevPak
NeoEngine DevPak:s for Dev-C++ have been contributed by David Janssens. Link available in the Projects & Extensions subsection, comments and suggestions are more than welcome in this Forum thread

A new project using the NeoEngine, Vessel is a "fast paced first person shooter [...] in which your mind shall play the most important role". Go check it out! The game is released under GPL, which of course means that source code is available (a great complement to the tutorials!)

Legends Of Saryia
The project Legends Of Saryia has decided to use NeoEngine. From their page: "Legends of Saryia is a Free Medieval MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) currently in development. Project started in March 2003."

Got a project that uses the engine and want some exposure? Drop me a mail at mattias@realityrift.com or post in the Forums

Wiki updates
I have now begun an effort to write something in the Wiki each day. Go have a look, and feel free to leave comments or contribute to the content!

0.5.0 released!
Version 0.5.0 is out! Too much new stuff to mention here, just grab it and hack away :) Highlights are new scene graph, improved buffer management, DirectX backend and endless other bits and pieces.

Call for arms!
A new link section has been added to the menu to the left, for projects and extensions using the NeoEngine. If you work on a project using the engine and want some extra publicity, email me at mattias@realityrift.com with a short description of the project and I'll add it to the section.

Tutorial 2, "Render Polygon & Basic Input" webpage online
The webpage for the second tutorial is online!

Tutorial webpages
The webpage for the first tutorial is online! Please read and leave comments in the Forums about style, layout, information and suchlike, so we can improve things for coming tutorials.

The first tutorial can be found here: http://neoengine.sourceforge.net/tutorial01.php

New forums, phpBB powered
Thanks to Benjamin Ohloff, NeoEngine now has a new forum system powered by phpBB. Please use these new forums instead of the old SourceForge project page forums. Register, post, have fun! http://neoengine.sourceforge.net/phpBB2

Wiki documentation project
Thanks to Julius Trinkunas, NeoEngine now has a Wiki webspace aimed at providing documentation "by users, for users". Check it out! http://neoengine.sourceforge.net/wiki

0.4.0 released!
Finally, version 0.4.0 of the NeoEngine has been released! News and changes includes:
  • Extended material language
  • MacOS X support
  • FreeBSD support
  • New tutorials
  • Collision detection framework
  • VRAM vertex buffers
  • Triangle strips generation
  • Networking subsystem
  • Cleanups and optimizations
  • ... and much more
Grab the source, have fun!

IRC Channel
The IRC channel #neoengine is now on server irc.freenode.net