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 December 08, 2003

I am proud to announce that the NeoEngine TechDemo is underway and progress is coming along nicely thus far. For the 
time being, I am the only person working on it. Fluoro is busy with terrain and various OpenGL fixes. Arithon, as 
usual, is busy being the bad ass that he is adding various new kickass features to NeoEngine. Soon, I believe, he 
plans on working on the tools that will be necessary to finish the demo, such as some editors and a normal mapper. I 
think it's better this way, just me developing until it is a stable framework. The code is constantly undergoing 
design changes as I am in the hackish battle of long-term design vs. short-term results. Now that I have it setup so 
that it is actually playable, I am in the process of putting it all in a pretty design and make it generic enough so 
that we can add on as much as we need. Here is a short list of what has been done, what needs doing in the near 
future, and the long-term task list:

* Render-loop
* BSP loading
* First Person Camera
* Physics/BSP Colliision
* Bot framework

Near future plans (most likely done by me, before start team development):
* Menu system
* Genericize level loading so it is independent of what is loaded (i.e. BSP or terrain)
* Third Person Camera
* Pretty design
* Animation

Long term to do list:
* AI
* Weapons
* Sound
* Cross-platformiality
* Heavy use of vertex/fragment programs

Possible features:
* Hybrid terrain/indoor scene management? (NeoEngine module?)
* Multiplayer?
* Ragdoll?